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Effect of Process Parameter on Machinability of Aluminium Alloy : A Review
Ankit, Sandeep Kumar

This paper is focused on the effect of process parameter on the machinability of aluminium alloy. Machinability is the ability of being machined. We know many alloy of aluminium are possible and each alloy having different machinability and it depend upon many process parameter like cutting speed, feed, depth of cut, cutting fluid used, material of workpiece and tool, tool geometry, hardness of material etc. The review helps in selection of important process parameter for each type of alloy. For this we consider five to eight type of different alloy.
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Reaction of Copper Adding on the Mechanical and Wear Capabilities of Iron based Powder - Metal Compacts
Yogesh Malik, Sandeep Kumar


An alloy of cast iron and copper (Fe-Cu) has been created utilizing a blend cast process. The compositional, microstructural portrayal and wear property of the created Fe-Cu alloy were done with the guides of X-beam diffractometer, examining electron magnifying instrument (SEM) and stick on Disk machine. The mechanical properties, for example, hardness and effect vitality were explored. Wear straight conditions were created with the guides of MATLAB direct fitting. The outcomes uncovered that the presence of copper (99% pure) in the melt of dim cast iron hindered the development of cementite. Be that as it may, the effect vitality of the dim cast iron expanded with %weight (wt) of copper expansion. Consequently, the hardness and wear protection of the created Fe - Cu alloy were relinquished. Thus, the created Fe-Cu alloy is a magnificent material which can be utilized as a part of the vibration damping application particularly in the shock absorber.

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Volume 5, Issue 1 
(January 2018)

Submission: 15 December 2017
Publication: January 2018


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