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Role of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in Effective Library Management in Changing Scenario
Shesh Narayan

Information is an indispensable for human development as air is essential of all living organization on earth, including human being. Today we are living in age of information. Large amount of information is being generated every moment. The paces of change brought about by new information communication technologies has a key effective on the way people live work, and play worldwide. The increasing role played by information communication technology in the development of library service for an active reaction to the challenges of the information service providing. The paper attempts to discuss the fast development of ICT and its application in the library services. The paper discusses about redesigning library and information services in contact with the changing ICT scenario. The article highlights changing needs of information users with the touch of information resources on library professionals.
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Catching Strategies for Distributed System
D. Thara Parameswari, N. Danapaquiame and A. Martin

System with two or more processor when working simultaneously has the demand over the processing speed in distributed system for sharing the hard disk, memory and other memory devices. A CACHE memory or computer memory with very short access time used for storage of frequently used instruction or data. An extreme fast memory is built into CPU or located next to the chip. In this paper various techniques over cache with shared multi-processor system covers to reduce the average data access time with various inputs as workload application to check the performance of the system over different cache levels. The major possible vulnerabilities over dirty data and cache coherence are also discussed. Many implementations are done for estimating the usage of hardware cache over Distributed real time and embedded system. Various real time applications are integrated with DRE system to reduce the execution time based on optimization techniques.
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Volume 5, Issue 1 
(January 2018)

Submission: 15 December 2017
Publication: January 2018


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