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Cognitive Radio Communication in Raspberry Pi
Jayaprakash Nagaruru

Raspberry Pi FM Transmitter similarly as Software-defined radio (SDR) is a radio communication system where Components that have been typically implemented in hardware like amplifiers modulators, demodulators etc are instead implemented by means of software on a personal computer or embedded systems. Here I am implementing SDR in Raspberry pi which enables transmission/Receiver of signals with the help of General-purpose-input-output pins and with the help of software. While the concept of SDR is not new, the rapidly evolving capabilities of digital electronics render practical many processes which used to be only theoretically possible. We can establish a FM station with the help of Raspberry Pi based on Cognitive Radio communication in which user can easily block other user’s Spectrum. By blocking Spectrum We can easily transmit our signal without ny disturbances. Both Transmission and Receiving is possible with raspberry which helps to setup our own communication channel with Cognitive frequency by allocating random frequency.
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Design & Optimization of Power Press Machine
Mohammad Israr, Amit Tiwari, Anshul Gangele

Press working may be defined as a chip less manufacturing process by which various Components are made from sheet metal. This process is also termed as cold stamping. The machine used for press working is known as PRESS. The main features of press are: a frame which supports a ram of a slide and a bed, as a source of mechanism for operating he ram in the line with normal to the bed. The ram is equipped with suitable punch/punches and a die block is attached to the bed. A stamping is produced by the downward stroke of the ram when the punch moves towards and into the die block. The punch and die block assembly is generally termed as a die set or simply as the die. Press working operations are usually done at room temperature.
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Design and Analysis of Low Power Level Shifter
Karthikeyan. G, Mathan. K

Level shifters play critical roles in ultra low-voltage circuits and systems. a new low power level shifter (LS) is presented for robust logic voltage shifting from near/sub threshold to above threshold domain. The new circuit combines the multi threshold CMOS technique along with novel topological modifications to guarantee a wide voltage conversion range with limited static power and total energy consumption. Therefore, this paper presents a novel level shifter, of which the operating range is from a deep sub threshold voltage to the standard supply voltage and includes upward and downward level conversion. The proposed level shifter is a hybrid structure comprising a modified Wilson current mirror and generic CMOS logic gates. Power is main constraint in a level shifter. Modified level shifter using cascaded current mirror circuit. In addition to the operating range delay, power consumption, and duty cycle of the proposed level shifter.
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Overview on Mining of Educational Data
Jyoti, Anil Saini

In this present time, Engineering colleges are expanding step by step. Great training originates from great colleges and everybody is looking for the best to upgrade their future and to experience the best of it. Subsequently discovering one from a 1000 is a troublesome undertaking. In India itself around 1077 engineering colleges. So choosing one engineering college is extremely troublesome assignment. In this venture, utilizing data mining strategies and neural system, it help to foresee the best engineering college on the premise of the quantity of understudies with most astounding going out % and furthermore a record to arrangement occurring in every college and that would assist the understudy group with getting the best instruction and make the life worth living. Utilizing c4.5 calculation, understudy execution of various colleges will foresee and utilizing that pass/fall flat proportion and every other property like arrangement %, rank holders and so on prescribing the best engineering college. This web application empowers the colleges to enter their points of interest. And furthermore it can demonstrates the investigation of their own college. At that point every college see other enrolled colleges investigation in view of previously mentioned factors. This will help the college to enhance their offices to end up plainly best among all.
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